MCQ’s For CSS-PMS- Everyday Science (Biology) [Part1]

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Question #1: What is the normal body temperature of a human?

Question #2: Which of the following helps in blood clotting?

Question #3: The volume of blood present in a normal adult human is?

Question #4: RBCs are formed in ?

Question #5: Total Number of Bones in Human Body are

Question #6: The secretion of Pancreas is

Question #7: Bone named Tibia is found in the_____?

Question #8: The largest part of the human brain is the

Question #9: The main component of bones and teeth_________?

Question #10: The major constituent of hemoglobin (HB) is_______?

Question #11: The main function of the kidney is_______?

Question #12: The function of hemoglobin is__________?

Question #13: Which of the following glands secrete tears?

Question #14: Which is the largest gland in the human body?

Question #15: Which is the largest organ in the human body?

Question #16: A person of which of the following blood groups is called a universal donor?

Question #17: Which gland in the human body is called the master gland?

Question #18: How many bones are there in a newly born infant?

Question #19: Which of the following have maximum calorific value?

Question #20: Which of the following vitamins promote healthy functioning of eyes in human beings?

Question #21: The average heartbeat per minute in a normal man is_____?

Question #22: Which type of Blood Group is Universal Receiver______?

Question #23: Malaria effects ______In human body

Question #24: Which of the following diseases is caused by virus?

Question #25: Medulla Oblongata is a part of Human_____

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