Global Climate is affected by sea ice: Why ?

On poles Ocean is covered by Sea ice and it’s  frozen water that is formed and melts in the ocean. It can be differentiated from the presence of icebergs and glaciers on land. Sea ice expands during winter season and gets melt down during summers, there are certain regions in oceans part of  sea ice remains round the year. Approximately Fifteen percent (15%) of the oceans in the world are covered by ice during whole year.

Basically Ice exists in the polar regions in majority, it has wide affect on the global climate. Due to the bright surface of sea ice  that reflects back majority of sunlight out into the space. due to this process solar energy “bounces back” outside of earth’s premises because it is not absorbed into the ocean, due to this phenomena the temperatures on and nearer the poles remain cold as compered to equator.

Due to global warming the temperatures are gradually increasing to melt sea ice over time, and now the bright surfaces are getting fewer to be available to reflect back sunlight into the atmosphere. Now more solar energy is absorbing and due to this surface and ocean temperature rises. The raised water temperatures hindering the icing in the winter, and the ice melting is rapid, resulting the exposure of dark ocean waters.

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